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Why Should I sell my Ground Rents?
Frequently Asked Questions
Should I sell my Ground Rents to the leaseholders or you?

Selling Your Ground Rents

What are the common reasons for selling ground rents?

  • Avoid hassles of building management
  • Free up funds to invest in next project / retirement fund
  • Would prefer capital sum to small income received from ground rents

The valuations put on ground rents can vary widely depending on who you ask. As a major investor GroundRentsWanted often pays substantially in excess of vendors expectations. You are obliged to serve Section V notices on the long leaseholders informing them of the sale, we do this free of charge as part of any offer. This significantly increases the ‘net’ amount you receive on the sale, as it reduces the vendor’s solicitors costs.

To see how much your ground rents could be worth just fill in the form above. The important components of a ground rent valuation are:

  • The annual income
  • The lease length
  • The date of the next rental increase

Is it possible to sell ground rents without incurring large legal costs?

We understand that the important figure for vendors is the ‘net amount’ they receive in the sale after subtracting costs, not the ‘gross’ amount that we offer. As such we do our best to keep your costs as low as possible. We do this by

  • Serving the Section V notices free of charge
  • Using a transfer not a contract to purchase, this saves your solicitor time
  • Only making limited pre-contract enquiries

As a rough guide for a transaction under £50,000 vendors who deal with GroundRentsWanted should incur no more than an hour of their solicitors time, so their costs are normally circa £250-£300.

To get your ground rents valued, complete the form at the top of this page or
call us on 0800 015 2500