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Why Should I sell my Ground Rents?
Frequently Asked Questions
Should I sell my Ground Rents to the leaseholders or you?

Should I sell them to the leaseholders or to you?

When you are selling an asset it is important to achieve the best price possible – you can only sell it once.

GroundRentsWanted consistently offers higher prices than leaseholders for freehold interests. You will of course need to offer the lessee’s the right of first refusal by service of Section V notices – but by contacting ourselves for a valuation you will ensure that you have maximised your receipts on a successful sale. If the lessee’s do purchase you will not be liable to GroundRentsWanted for any costs, and you will know you have achieved ‘best value’.

Why can GroundRentsWanted offer more than the leaseholders for my freehold ground rents ?

  • We buy a large volume of freeholds– so we know what we have to pay to secure a purchase
  • Economies of scale – with 1000's of units under our ownership we are keen to expand our portfolio and the marginal costs of ownership of extra units
  • We calculate the value of your freehold according to the latest valuation methodology – so you can be sure you are dealing with a counterparty who recognises the value of your assets.

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